Adventures into Citizenship 2017

Adventures into Citizenship and Service 2017 takes place from Sunday, 02 July till Saturday, 08 July.
We aim at gathering some 50 learners in Grades 11 and 12 from all over the Western Cape, Northern Cape and poss...
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Rotary Family Health Days

Rotary Family Health Days

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Adventures into Citizenship 2017

Adventures into Citizenship and Service 2017 takes place from Sunday, 02 July till Saturday, 08 July.
We aim at gathering some 50 learners in Grades 11 and 12 from all over the Western Cape, Northern Cape and possibly some from further afield such as Eastern Cape, so that these young people can be introduced to the ways in which our society structures itself.

They are introduced to the systems which lead to the efficient and effective running of the state, the provinces and a city such as Cape Town. This includes visits to Parliament, to the High Court WC and to the CT Civic Centre. They also have an opportunity to discover academic options at the University of the Western Cape and Cape Provincial University of Technology (CPUT).
There are visits to the Science Museum, District 6 Museum, our
Glencairn Youth farm and others.
But its not all study and hard work:
An introductory Barn Dance, African Drumming and Ten Pin Bowling are interspersed with some motivational talks about issues both current and meaningful to the youth of today.
All that is required now is that the team from Rotary Clubs Cape Town
and Wynberg get it all together . . . . . . . . See you there when
it's running!!!
Steven, Irene, Karin, Rainer, Jeanne, and Justin and Alan.

Adopt a learner


The opening of the Library by the Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille, took place on Tuesday 31 January 2017

On one of his visits John Spittal of the Rotary Club of St. Andrews Kilrymont, Scotland, visited the school to meet learners that his club were sponsoring on the Adopt a Learner Project.

While there he identified a need for a Library which the School was trying to establish.

When he returned home his Club applied for a District Grant to help set up a library. In the meantime School Aid UK provided funds to set up the library by providing shelving, furniture, bean bags and 4000 books.

The St. Andrews RC then decided to use their donation of 2500 pounds to purchase computers for this Library which were duly set up as a new state of the art Library

Overview of our Club Projects

Regular meetings, fellowship and involvement in a community projects is the heart of any Rotary club, the Cape Town club is no exception. Our club is involved in a number of projects. We have made significant contributions to the welfare of Cape Town communities since the Club’s inception, and were instrumental in the founding of the Community Chest in 1927. This organisation supports a number of welfare projects in the greater Cape Town area.

The Club, through its community service projects, provide a wide range of services for persons across the lifespan.
These include:
Senior Security – a project which supports elderly persons with limited means to live in subsidised accommodation.
•The Rotary Camps at Glencairn and Strandfontein, which offer well-run camping facilities. These are regularly utilised by school, church and welfare organisations.
•An Educational Scholarship fund for students who require assistance for tertiary education
•Adopt a Learner – a project whereby needy learners are ‘adopted’ by individuals or clubs from around the world. The learner’s school fees and other educational needs are met through this very worthwhile project.

Adopt a Learner

Adopt a Learner
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The Adopt a Learner project aims to provide funding
for the young school children with extremely limited
support — those who may have a single parent, or
unemployed parents. The project currently supports
approximately 166 children from two schools in
disadvantaged low socio-economic townships in
southern Cape Town.

The Zerilda Park Primary School is situated In
Lavender Hill, and the Huguenot Primary School is
located in Mitchells Plain. Both schools have learner
enrolments of over 1000 learners from Grades 1-7
[ages 6-13].

How to help?
The Rotary Club of Cape Town is looking to attract
donations whereby donors may provide financial
assistance for young learners to support their
educational needs.
Funding for each child will include
• School clothes, track suit, gym shoes, gym clothes, and school shoes
• Stationery and excursions
• School fees

Project cost
USD 150 (approx 160 CHF) per child annually

How will the sponsor remain in communication?
The Rotary Club will liaise with the sponsor by sending
photographs, school reports and letters from the
learner[s]. It is hoped that a learner who is “adopted” at
age 7 or 8 years, can be followed through until he/she
completes primary school at the age of approximately
13 years. The benefit to this child will be that he/
she will gain confidence and self esteem which will
carry through into later education. This supports the
learner’s potential for success and positive contribution
to society.

Special thanks to the sponsors mentioned below:

Sponsor. No of beneficiaries

Japanese Clubs. 120
Podlashuk Trust. 20
German Club. 10
Mr & Mrs Prufling. 4
Boers Family. 5
Geoff Arkwright & friends(UK). 4
Drs C& Parr(Canada). 1
Cape Town Rotary club. 2
Stockholm-Humlegården Rotaryklubb 2

For further information please contact Rotarians
Irene Pretorius
or Virginia Elissac

Educational Scholarship Fund

Educational Scholarship Fund
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The principle of "scholarstic assistance to underprivileged children" was established in the late 1920's.Indeed, an item in the 1930/31 president's report notes that "a golf tournament raised the substantial sum of 200 pounds for the Benevolent Fund for commercial and technical training of fatherless Girls".In 1932/3, 30pounds was allocated for bursaries at the Trafalgar School.By then,40 girls had successfully been trained and placed in jobs and this was followed by a decision to devote money to boy's too.
In 1946/7, the first Rotary scholarship to UCT was granted, and in 1954/5, the student loan fund made it's first selections.Four years later, The Bishop Lavis Scholarship Fund was established to give assistance to poorer children of school leaving age for academic studies.
In 1974,over 70 students(assisted by the loan fund) had qualified as medical practitioners, accountants and so on and the grants amounted to R26,000.However, loses were being made by past borrowers emigrating and not completing repayments;this resulted in a decision that only interest on invested capital would be used for scholarship awards.Generous donations in 1975 let to the Student Bursary Fund superceding the loan fund.The Bishop Lavis fund subscribed nearly R6000 and the Anns R8675, betweeen 1976 and 1988 when it was decided to wind up the loan Fund and Bishop Lavis Fund because of the difficulty in collecting small loans from the scores of students hence resulting in the foramtion of the Educational Trust.
The Educational Trust took a new direction, as the policy now was to assist up to a dozen students with bursaries to cover their University or technikon fees with help in form of books and in exceptional cases with hostel fees.Initialy, the trust struggled financially until the Past District Governor George Furley(late) made generous donation of R250,000 to boost the loan funds and with other donations,this took the Capital of the Educational Trust to R600,000.The income on this sum, together with support from the Rotary Club of Cape Town ,has enabled the Trust to fund up to a dozen students annually at tertially Eduacation institutions in the Western Cape.No obligations are placed on the students but they are encouraged to be service minded when they graduate and embark on their professions

Interact Club

Interact Club
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The Rotary Club of Cape Town supports the dynamic and very active KIDS Interact Club of the Deutsche Schule - German International School, Cape Town.
These incredible youngsters do massive and exciting projects that uplift the lives of thousands around the Peninsula.

For more info,please visit or contact Ms.Sue Ball the Liason

Rotary Camps Glencairn, Cape Town

The Glencairn Youth Camp, a 300 hectare paradise of fynbos-covered mountainside, on the fringes of the Atlantic ocean is one of the best kept secrets of South Africa’s great outdoors. It offers well run camp[ing facilities which are regulalry utilised by school, church and welfare organisations.

The camps were started 58 years ago by William Heyns, a physical training teacher at the South African College School (SACS) who saw the need for establishing a rural recreation camp where kids, ordinary and underprivileged, could holiday in an environment that would uplift their spirits and heighten awareness of the natural world around them.

When Heyns died in 1942 he bequeathed the land to The Gordon’s Missionary Society and to the Rotary Club of Cape Town.The Rotary Camp Organization, which was formed to run the camp for the benefit of the young people, built the camp’s first fully equipped Smuts Hostel which accommodated 68 children in two dormitories and their supervisors in a separate rooms.

Rotary Camp Organisation
Glencairn Camps

Bookings: Koos Burger - Resident Camp Warden
Landline: 021 782 3679
Cellphone: 083 484 0294
Fax2mail: 086 512 9891
GPS Coordinates: -34.155133, 18.418948

Physical Address:
64 Glen Road
Simon's Town
Cape Town

Postal Address:
Rotary Camp Warden's House
Glen Road
Simon's Town
Cape Town


Smuts Camp
Accomodates 68 persons in two dormitories
Separate rooms for supervisors.

Happy Haven Camp
Accomodates 54 persons.

Both of these camps have multipurpose halls suitable for dining, assembly, discussions and games activities.

Allan Jeffes Camp
Accommodates 30 people in the three cabins (each with ten beds) serviced by a large hall, kitchen and ablution block

The Camps are all self catering
Each camp is equipped with:
Double bunks with mattresses – NO BEDDING
Kitchen with basic pots/pans/urn/gas hob/ electric oven/fridge/freezer
Halls with Tables and chairs
Small swimming pool/swings/braai facilities (bring your own wood) volley ball field.

Roberts Camp
This is a scenic camping site in a secluded wooded area, with adjoining ablution facilities


Nature trails

The camps and hostels are surrounded by undulating mountains. It is a Fynbos area traversed by well market nature trails where you can hike and listen to the sounds of nature. And the Neddickies, Sunbirds, Sugar birds, Starlings, Bomakaries, Cape Robbins, Bulbulls and many other species are indigenous to this area and provide excellent bird watching opportunities

A natural stream meanders through this wilderness area and there are stunning views of the ocean, sand dunes, and kopies that fall away to a fragile wetland region and then to the sea

Sports Facilities
The camp have sports fields, kiddies play area, three swimming pools.

The camp is a short 1.5km hike to the Glencairn Beach, one of the many golden beaches on the False Bay Coast between Fish Hoek and Simonstown.

How to get there?
By car:
By train: The Metro Cape Town - Simonstown suburban train stops at Glencairn Station.

Camp fees and application forms obtainable from the booking office.

Senior Security


During 1972,Mrs. H.M.Lidderdale brought to the attention of Rotarians the needs of well educated senior citizens who had served their country but,though no fault of their own, faced financial adversity. Her Generous personal dontation helped such people to continue to live in their own homes or in non-institutionalised accomodation at subsidised rentals and on her death, she bequearthed R250,000 to continue the work.Over the years,senior security has benefited from further donations and substantail bequests from estates such as those of Mrs.F.Douglas,Mrs.M.B.Marshall and the Hill Trust Family Trust.
These funds have largely been used to buy individual flats ,thus ensuring not only the protection of the real capital value of the fund's assets,but also provising increased benefits to the tenants by subsidising rentals which really only cover the relevant levies.In recent years, the club has made two substantial purchases -12 Units were bought in 1994/5 in an Hermanus Communicare project at a cost of R1,201,500 and the entire project was named in Honor of the donor followed by a Second purchase,in 1997,was of 10 residential units at a cost of R715,000.The price, well below the market value of R1,371m, was achieved because the club undrtook to honor the seller's undertakings to the elderly tenants that rentals will be subsidised.Seven of the ten units are outside Cape Town and as they become vacant,they are sold and the proceeds reinvested in Cape Town.

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