Adventures into Citizenship 2017

Adventures into Citizenship and Service 2017 takes place from Sunday, 02 July till Saturday, 08 July.
We aim at gathering some 50 learners in Grades 11 and 12 from all over the Western Cape, Northern Cape and poss...
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Rotary Family Health Days

Rotary Family Health Days

Free Health care services...
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Rotary Family Health Days

03/10 - 05/10/2017
Rotary Family Health Days
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Free Health care services

One to One

20 August, 17
One to One Day Fair for the Intellectually disabled takes place on Sunday, 20 August 2017 from 09h00 to 17h00

Adventures into Citizenship 2017

2 July - 8 July 2017
Adventures into Citizenship and Service 2017
takes place from Sunday, 02 July till Saturday, 08
July. They are introduced to the systems which lead to
the efficient and effective running of the state, the
provinces and a city such as Cape Town. This includes
visits to Parliament, to the High Court WC and to the CT Civic
Centre. They also have an opportunity
to discover academic options at the University of
the Western Cape and Cape Provincial University of
Technology (CPUT). There are visits to the Science
Museum, District 6 Museum, our Glencairn Youth
camp and others.
But its not all study and hard work: An introductory
Barn Dance, African Drumming and Ten Pin
Bowling are interspersed with some
motivational talks about issues both current
and meaningful to the youth of today.

The team from Rotary Clubs Cape Town and
Wynberg are getting it all together . . . . . . . .
See you there when it's running!!!
Steven, Irene, Karin, Rainer, Jeanne, Justin, Alan
and Virginia Elissac.

Rotary Family Fun Walk 9 April

The whole Rotary Family is invited to support our
celebration of the Rotary Foundation’s 100 years of
doing good in the world

Who’s invited: Rotarians, Anns, Rotaractors, Interactors,
Earlyactors, families and friends
o How far: We will walk 2650 meters, or shorter if you choose,
starting and ending at the Blue Train Park in Sea Point
o When: SUNDAY 9th APRIL – why not join the Rotary Family Fun Day
immediately after the walk
o Start: gather by 8h30 am so that we can all walk together
o Cost: There is no entrance fee BUT we will greatly appreciate it if
walkers can:
o donate cash (multiples of 26.50 will be good, in any
currency!), or
o can arrange that their efforts are sponsored and the proceeds
donated, or
o can find other novel ways of bolstering our #2650 campaign
funds for the Rotary Foundation.

What is it?
 A day to host the public and the family of Rotary – where families can have fun and at the
same time, be exposed to Rotary projects. A spin off is that we also gain a few members.
 Rotary Family Fun Day has run for 2 years. Based on the experience of the past 2 years, we
believe this 3rd event in 2017 will be even more successful.
 We will also be activating our #2650 campaign to tell the story of the 100th anniversary of
The Rotary Foundation and contribute to Centennial fundraising. We will be celebrating the
Centenary with a walk along the Sea Point Promenade ending at the Blue Train Park. When
the walk is completed – participants can join us in the Park and see the Rotary projects and
enjoy some fellowship.

Where is it held?

 The event is held at the Blue Train Park in
Mouille Point, a well-known project of the
Rotary Club of Sea Point

This is a club driven,
collaboratively planned and
operated event. Sea Point,
Waterfront, Table Bay Newlands
and Wynberg are working
together to host RFFD in 2017.
Members of each club are
planning to create another
successful event

Enviro/Sports Day - 11 March 2017

Saturday, 11 March, 2017
Once again our Interactors, K.I.D.S, Rotarians, family
and friends will share their special day by embarking
on the ‘Enviroment Train’ from Cape Town to Fish

Hundreds of children from various homes will be
treated to fun, sports, learning about the
environment and frolic in the sea—a first for many!

To see the joy on their faces is what Rotary is all
about—’Service Above Self’
The children will also be treated to refreshments and
clean the beaches.

Please contact Rainer Brinkmann for more
information : 074 697 1559

Don’t miss our Interactors from the German School’s… ‘ENVIRO/SPORTS DAY’ 11th March 2017

KIDS induction Dinner

KIDS induction Dinner
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It's always exciting around this time of year as we welcome a new board for the K.I.D.S Interact Club. We are so proud to have this energetic club full of smart and warm hearted youngsters who give plenty of hours to plan and later execute their ideas on how to make society better.
K.I.D.S we are so proud of you and wish the incoming board a fun year as you make change in society.
Lastly, we wish our liason teacher Mrs.Sue Ball a happier and easier year of Intereact fun.

If you want to contribute,sponsor K.I.D.S please visit :

GO K.I.D.S !! GO K.I.D.S!!!!!!!! GO K.I.D.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adventure into Citizenship

29th June-5th July
Adventure into Citizenship
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For over 60years,Rotary club of Capetown has been running "Adventure into Citizenship" which gives students of grades 10-12 an opportunity to come to Capetown and see how the main/influencial government bodies function.Being sponsored by Rotary clubs from all over District 9350,this creates a blend of character which challenges the Students to think out of the box,Network,while making longlasting friendships.
The week long program consists several activities as listed below;
1.Visit to High Court
3.University of Capetown
4.University of Western Cape
5. Environmental program on "preserving and keeping the Beaches and water sources clean” . City of Capetown Environmental office will conduct this tour in Sea Point.
6. Science Centre in Observatory.This is an opportunity for students to explore the fun side of science
7. Chris Barnard Museum.
A detailed tour of the museum where the worlds first heart transplant was performed is a moment treasured by the students and hopefully they get inspired to greater career heights in the future.
8. Lunch by the City of Capetown
9.Visit to Cocacola plant to see how a multinational works and challenges workers face.
10.Barnedance and Bowling session organized by the Rotaract clubs of Claremont and Wynberg respectively.The engagement showcases the chain of continuity in Rotary where youths move from Interact through Rotaract to Rotary.

The program is a success thanks to different Rotary clubs that contribute by sponsoring students who have matured into great citizens who benefit their commmunities.

To learn more/contribute to this program in anyway,contact Ssuna Oscar- ,O713645429

89th Induction

17th June 2014
89th Induction
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Fellow Rotarians,partner and friends,we cordially invite you to the 89th Induction of Capetown Rotary club as we thank Rtn John Gomes ( PP,PDG) who has successfuly steered the ship wonderfully.Special thanks to Mauveen for her endless support.
We excitedly welcome PP Steven Boers to geometrically take us through 2014/15 and we are very sure that it's going to be a very interesting year.

Join us for Rtn.Steven Boers Induction on 17th June 2014

Venue: Beautiful Life Gallery Cum Restaurant
Time: 18H30
Dress Code: Formal or Suit

Contact Steven if you want to join the Induction.0836846706

Rotaract club of CapeTown charter

Rotaract club of CapeTown charter
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At last!!!

We successfully managed to charter Capetown Rotaract into the big Rotary family. We are super excited about this new club as we believe this is a big step towards ensuring that Interactors join Rotaract and later become Rotarians. This club will tap into students mainly at the University of Capetown.
BIG THANKS to all clubs that have contributed to this and hope every club in the district supports all our Rotaract clubs to grow.

If you are interested in joining Rotaract Capetown or any other Rotaract club in District 9350, get in touch and we will get you the required info.Just send email to


KIDS Enviro sports day

KIDS Enviro sports day
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K.I.D.S Enviro sports day is back, bigger,hotter and more exciting.This annual event involves bringing
more than 500 children of thirteen streetchildren homes (including two school’s) and their 150 social-/ childcare workers take part in this day (see list of homes below), which traditionally begins with a beach clean-up.
•The rest of the day is spent playing games, such as touch- rugby, cricket, soccer, beach volleyball, tug-of-war, potatoe- and bag races, for the very small children digging for toys, everybody enjoying the water and waves, building sand-castles and in between having lunch with hot-dogs, apples, Coca Cola and ending off with delicious easter-egg marshmallows, and all the while creating bonds between K.I.D.S. members and the children.
Big thanks to Mrs.Sue Ball our new Interact liason teacher.
•Every year we leave the beach, amazed at the children’s need for love and attention, and their interactive responses to receiving these
for more information, visit.
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